Packaging solutions

Whether you are looking for packaging solutions in the low-cost, economy or high-end sector, the prewa packaging machines are 100% made in Germany. From the development of a suitable packaging solution to maintenance and repair, you will be supported by us.

+ Packing powdered products

+ Packaging / filling liquid, viscous and pasty products

+ Packaging / filling bulk products and granulates

Foil welding technology

No foil welding without prewa foil welding technology! Whether you want to weld films, separate packaging or perforate, the prewa film welding technology offers you the suitable accessories or spare parts for your existing packaging machine.

+ Welding of foils / impulse heating bands

+ PTFE glass fabric foils

+ Form welding tools

Examples of packaging machines

+ more about packaging machines

Assortment of foil welding technology

Bag shapes


  • How to pack: Spices, curry and semolina

    In “how to pack?” we would like to introduce you to various products and show you how they are packed.

    Today we have a debris-ready product for you, namely: Spices, curry and semolina!

    The packaging solution for this is the machine for 3-side sealed bags with screw dosing!

    You can find more applications at: https://www.prewa.de/en/applications/

    How to pack Gewürze Curyy und Gries
    Verpackungsmaschine Gewürze Curyy und Gries
  • What’s happening at prewa right now?

    In today’s post we want to give you a little insight into one of the projects we are currently working on. 
    In the picture you can see two machines for a customer who is using these machines to pack fertiliser in different bag sizes.

    A few short facts about the machine:

    • Machine 350e, lacquered
    • 2 head scale
    • Product: Fertiliser
    • Outputs: up to 20
  • Short video: Glue packaging

    In this short video you can see a machine which packs glue into liquid bags. Filling quantity is between 3-12 liters. With a capacity of about 10 bags per minute for 3 liters, or 4 bags per minute for 12 liters.

    Once again all facts summarised:

    • Output approx. 10 bags/min for 3 litres and 4 bags/min for 12 litres.

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