The weighing, dosing and counting systems from the company called Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau are used to dose the customer-specific products into the corresponding packaging. In this way, powdery, pourable, solid, liquid or pasty products can be weighted, dosed or counted.

Powder products

Whether free-flowing, dusty or water-attracting, powdery products have a wide variety of properties. The company has exactly the right solution for each of these properties.

Food sector: Milk powder, fructose, baby food, flours, baking mixes, pudding and ice powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder, icing sugar, spices, spice mixtures and many more.

Dietary supplement for animals, construction chemistry, plaster and grout, washing powder, detergent, color powder, dental powder, rubber powder, and many more.

Liquid, viscous and pasty products

From liquids to pasty sauces and up to thick adhesives. From dosing to the finished bag, we provide you with the perfect solution for your product.

Food sector:
Delicacies, sauces, ketchup, mustard, compote, marinated vegetables and mixed pickles, sauerkraut, red cabbage, drinks and much more.

Non-food sector:
Sealing products, high viscosity construction chemistry, liquid for the pest control, cooling gels, detergents, oils, industrial liquids and much more.

Bulkable products and granulates

With more than 300 packaging solutions implemented in the bakery industry, you have the best possible advice regarding fully automatic counting, aligning, weighing and packaging of your frozen and fresh bakery products. Due to the special CUBIX hygiene design, our packaging machines are perfectly suitable for the food industry.

Food sector:
Bakery products, bread rolls, pretzels, pretzel products, pastries, bread, whole meal bread, crispbread, cakes, rusks, biscuits, crackers, ready-made meals, convenience products, vegetables and salads, piece spices, breadcrumbs, rice, cereals, oat flakes, muesli mixtures, cornflakes, pulses, dumpling mixes, dried fruit, bread cubes, nuts, grating cheese, mashed potato flocks, pasta products, coffee beans, coffee pads, granulated drinks, sugar, salt, tea and tea mixtures, candies, sweets, packed candies, sweets, dragees, lozenges, lollipops, ear plugs.

Non-food sector:
Potting soil, bark mulch, wood pellets, animal feed, perfume sticks, washing and cleaning agent tabs, tobacco, animal feed, tea lights, bird food, animal feed mixtures, plastic granulates, granulated fertilizers, small iron goods, plastic parts, fittings, puzzle pieces and other small toys and much more.

Is your product not included?

Through special products and requirements that are not commonplace and have found their way into your packaging through us, we have acquired know-how that we are happy to share with our customers. Special requirements need special solutions, and we will be happy to work them out with you. Please contact us.