• Short video: Dressing bags packing

    A new short video!

    In this short video you can see how dressing bags are packed at a speed of 55 bags per minute. In addition, attention is paid here to a certain contour when packing. So we can grant simple opening, the bags!

  • Our repair and spare parts service

    Technology is our strength. Personal service our passion!

    As one of the oldest producers of tubular bag machines, we develop sophisticated solutions that meet the highest requirements. These quality requirements are also our benchmark when it comes to service.

    Find out more about our repair and spare parts service HERE.

  • Out hot-air sealing system

    Our hot air welding machine is a device for non-contact, continuous welding of thermoplastic films. The film is welded by strongly heated air which is directed onto the film.

    The special feature of our hot air welding device is, due to the contactless mode of operation, the system works almost wear-free and is therefore extremely maintenance-friendly.

    You can find out more about our hot air welding unit HERE.

  • Changes

    A lot has changed over the years. The engineering industry has not remained unchanged either. Today we have put together a picture for you which shows the changes well.

    On the first picture you can see our hall a few years ago. There you can see very well how the machines have changed over time. The machines have evolved from a bulky and impractical design to a more minimalist design that can be customized. This has been made possible by modern technology. This also offered many advantages over time. This made simple and individual operation as well as a customizable design possible.

    Alte Halle prewa
  • Did you know? (3)

    Did you know that we have already produced over 300 packaging solutions in the bakery industry?

  • Short Video: Confectionery packing

    Today we have another short video for you!

    In this video you can see a continuous machine packing confectionery at a speed of 250 bags per minute. More short videos are coming soon.

  • Profile: Thomas Hössler

    In today’s profile, Thomas Hössler gives us some info about himself.

    “Following my training at prewa, I joined the team of our film welding technology department in 2019. There I am responsible, among other things, for the 3D design of special welding tools and form welding strips. I very much appreciate the responsibility given to me, the opportunity to help shape things and the open interaction with each other.”

    We would like to thank Mr. Hössler for this brief introduction!

  • Machine “Low Cost”

    Machine “Low Cost The “low cost” form fill and seal machine from prewa is characterized by a robust tubular frame. In the “low cost” series we also install a Siemens control. The difference to the other machine series is that this series works with a pneumatic cylinder in the drive area of the cross jaws, which drives the jaw opening. The film take-off is implemented with a geared motor.

    This machine is particularly suitable for companies that want to change from a manual packaging to an automated solution, at a low cost.

    A few short facts about our “low cost” machine:

    • Cost effective
    • Intermittent mode of operation
    • Format range from 50mm to 550mm (bag width)
    • Easy operation via touch screen
    • Compact machine frame
    • Made in Germany

    You can find more about our machines here.

  • Individual special solutions

    Special requirements need special solutions!

    You have probably already read this sentence in the last part of our “Did you know?” format.
    But what does that mean exactly? Over the years, we have acquired a know-how through our experience that we are happy to pass on to our customers. This is how we produce individual assembly options for our customers that are perfectly adapted to their requirements and wishes.
    You can find more about our applications here.

  • Did you know? (2)

    Did you know that special products and requirements that are not commonplace and have found their way into their packaging through us?

    Special requirements need special solutions. We will go into this in more detail in our next post on Wednesday!

  • Short Video: Wood pellets packing

    Today we have a first short video for you. 

    In this video you can see how 15 kg of wood pellets are packed into LDPE bags at a rate of 15 bags per minute using one of our machines.

    We will now regularly post short videos about our machines. 

  • We are there for you 24 hours!

    We offer our services for your machines & equipment also outside our business hours. 

    Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So that it comes in the future to no more disturbances, you should speak with us!

    With the right service strategy or regular maintenance (maintenance contract), many malfunctions can be avoided from the outset.

    In case of problems you can call our emergency 24/7 at:
    +49 (0)173 2631 850

  • Vertical form-fill and seal machine of the “Economy” series

    The “Economy” vertical form-fill and seal machine from Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau replaces the previous “MF” series (frequency controlled). The series has been extended to servo technology and improved to include new assemblies inside the machine. We also use the control and servo motors from Siemens in the “Economy” series. This is a well-thought-out concept for the drive technology which ensures a very high machine availability.

    A few short facts about our vertical form-fill and seal machine:

    • Intermittent functioning
    • Format ranges from 50mm to 750mm (bag width)
    • Minimum format change times
    • Painted machine frame or frame made of stainless steel
    • Simple operation via touch screen
    • Free adjustment of all parameters via touch screen
    • Compact machine frame
    • Control components from Siemens (touch screen & motion control)
    • For PE and/or heat-sealable wrapping materials
    • Bag shapes such as flat bags, stand-up pouches, gusseted bags
    • Self-optimized heating control
    • Permanently heated sealing tools for PE (no sweat bands required)
    • Recipe management of 100 recipes on the touch screen
    • Touch screen can be switched to different languages
    • Made in Germany
  • Profile: Volker Sippel

    In today’s profile Volker Sippel gives some info about himself.

    Function: Electronics technician in control cabinet construction

    Volker Sippel, one of the employees who helped shape Prewa’s beginnings. Working for the company as an electronics technician for 32 years. 

    “It gives me great pleasure every day to be able to work among great colleagues. 

    We thank Mr. Sippel for this brief introduction!

  • Did you know? (1)

    We’re launching a new section on our social media channels called, “Did you know?”

    Here we will present you every now and then small interesting facts about the company prewa.

    The first fact is:
    Did you know that currently around 50 PREWA plants leave the factory every year?

  • Profile: Karl Friedrich Pötz

    Today’s profile is from Karl Friedrich Pötz.

    I have been with prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau since 1989 with a short break. My area of responsibility is service and I am responsible for new systems, training courses and the training of operating personnel. A high level of flexibility and the diverse way of dealing with people make my job special. The goal of prewa is to guarantee the best possible system and production process for our customers.

    We would like to thank Mr. Pötz for this brief introduction!

  • High-end machine

    The High End form fill and seal machine from prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau is characterized by a robust tubular frame. In contrast to our High End machine in “Cubix” design, the tubular frame is available in painted design or also in stainless steel. Likewise our High End machine is characterized by a high quality in the selection of the mechanical and electrical components.

    Therefore we install Siemens controls and Siemens servo motors in the High End machines. A well thought-out concept for the drive technology ensures a very high machine availability.

    A few short facts about our High End machine:

    • Painted tubular frame or tubular frame made of stainless steel – Format ranges from 50 mm to 750 mm (bag width)
    • Easy operation via touch screen
    • Minimal format changeover times
    • Siemens control components (touch screen & motion control)
    • Recipe management of 100 recipes in the touchscreen
    • Made in Germany

    You can find out more about our high-end machine under this link.

  • Profile: Manfred Schemken

    Today’s profile is from our foil welding department manager Manfred Schemken.

    Position: Department Manager Foil Welding Technology

    “After I changed from a market companion to prewa, I took over the foil welding technology department. At the beginning, I worked alone, but over time we grew into a department that now has seven employees. I particularly appreciate the trust that has always been placed in me and the creative opportunities that come with it.”

    We would like to thank Mr. Schemken for this brief introduction!

  • Representative beyond Europe

    Very well trained and long-standing representatives beyond Europe look after customers with a lot of commitment and know-how.  Competent consultation, service on site (maintenance) ensures a high availability of the packaging machines and additional aggregates.

    In the segment of form, fill and seal machines (VFFS) PREWA offers intermittent and continuous mode of operation. Duplex machines, where particularly high packaging capacities are achieved, are also part of our product portfolio. 

    This was our series “PREWA History”. We hope you enjoyed this short journey through the history of PREWA!

  • Our first machine!

    Today we present you our first machine from the year of construction 1983 with a picture and a few facts about the machine.

    A few facts:

    • Machine for processing minicrip bags
    • Pneumatic drive
    • Painted housing
    • Relay control

    You will see more posts about prewa’s past soon on our website!

  • Profile: Holger Münch

    In today’s profile our sales manager Holger Münch gives some information about himself.⁣

    Position: Sales Manager⁣

    “I feel very valued in the company. That gives me a good feeling and increases my motivation.”⁣

    We thank Mr. Münch for this brief introduction!

  • Hygiene-friendly CUBIX machine housing

    Another trend-setting milestone is the servo motor “CUBIX” machine series, which was first introduced in 2008. We were the first machine manufacturer to develop a machine concept that implemented the hygienic requirements. The CUBIX housing implements a consistent, hygiene-friendly design in machine construction. The absence of horizontal surfaces (all surfaces are slanted) and the use of stainless steel ensure very good cleanability.

    The form, fill and seal machines are developed, designed, assembled and tested at our headquarters in Großen Buseck with the customer in mind. On-time delivery as well as a structured commissioning by our own service team, which works closely together with our customers, complete our competence.

    That was our part 4 to “PREWA History”. Next week we are already at part 5 and thus the last part of the series.

  • High-end machine with “Cubix” design

    The high-end form fill and seal machine from prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau is characterized by a robust tubular frame and a high quality in the selection of mechanical and electrical components.

    Therefore we install among others Siemens controls and Siemens servo motors in the high-end machines. A well-thought-out concept for the drive technology ensures a very high machine availability.

    A few short facts about our “Cubix” machine:

    • Hygienic design “CUBIX” (all surfaces on the machine are arranged at an angle).
    • Format ranges from 50 mm to 750 mm (bag width)
    • Easy operation via touch screen
    • Compact machine frame
    • Siemens control components (touch screen & motion control)
    • Recipe management of 100 recipes in the touch screen
    • Made in Germany

    You can find out even more about our high-end machine with “Cubix” design here.

  • Profile: Gerald Dörr

    In today’s profile we would like to introduce Gerald Dörr to you.⁣

    Position: Managing Partner⁣

    “Developing and constantly improving our products with great employees gives me pleasure every day.”⁣

  • Family-run comany!

    Unfortunately, the words family-run company are no longer heard so often today. Fortunately, this is different with us! Our part 3 on “PREWA History” is about exactly this topic!

    On 25.02.2004 Mr. Preuß retired. Mr. Marscheck and Mr. Dörr, long-time employees of the company, took over the shares from Mr. Preuß. Together with Mr. Wagner, the three managing directors lead the family-run company with flat hierarchies.

    Since the founding of the company in 1983, we are engaged in the production of product and customer related form, fill and seal machines and their accessories, such as counting and dosing systems, product feeding systems as well as turnkey packaging lines. Besides that, we also offer special solutions to our customers.

    With our machine series we offer a machine technology from “low-cost” to “high-end” solutions in the area of “food” and “non-food”.

    We hope you enjoyed our part 3!

    Next Monday you can expect in part 4: “Hygiene-friendly CUBIX machine housing”.

  • No film sealing without prewa film sealing technology!

    Today we would like to present you a small insight into our film sealing technology.

    An important production branch of prewa is the film sealing technology with all components required for film sealing, which has been continuously expanded in the past decades, so that we belong to the leading manufacturers in this branch.

    Whether you want to seal, cut or perforate films, prewa film sealing technology offers you the right accessories for your existing packaging machine.

    Thus, our film sealing technology is an important addition to our packaging machine manufacturing.

    A more specific insight into the prewa film sealing technology will follow soon.

  • Profile: Thorsten Marscheck

    In the second profile we would like to introduce you to our managing director Thorsten Marscheck.

    Position: Managing Partner/CEO ⁣

    “Following my training as an industrial mechanic at a market companion, I switched to prewa in 1986. After finishing my master school, I got the position as assembly manager. In 2004 I changed to the management and took over the shares of the founder Eckehard Preuß. I can proudly say that I helped to write the success story of prewa.” ⁣

  • Innovation: Pneumatic drive technology!⁣

    Our second part of “PREWA History” is about innovation: Pneumatic drive technology.⁣

    We at Prewa were one of the first packaging machine manufacturers to pioneer a “low cost” machine series over 30 years ago, which used a fully pneumatic / mechanical drive technology and thus established pneumatics in the form fill and seal industry. ⁣

    Next week we will continue directly with the topic “Family-run company”!

  • Prewa packaging machines

    In today’s post we would like to give you some info and details about our packaging machines. ⁣⁣

    There are many possible applications for our packaging machines. But basically it can be summarized as follows: Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau’s weighing, dosing, and counting machines are used to dose customer-specific products into the appropriate packaging. ⁣⁣

    Powdery, pourable, solid, liquid or pasty products can be weighed, dosed or counted.⁣⁣

    As you can see, the application possibilities are huge. If you are now wondering exactly which products are packaged by us just remember our rule of thumb: “Everything that falls from top to bottom can be packed by us”.⁣⁣

    In the future, you will of course be able to see more detailed examples of which products can be packaged with our machines.⁣⁣

  • Profile: Eckard Wagner

    Today we start with the first profile. At the beginning we want to introduce you to Mr. Eckard Wagner. One of the founders of Prewa

    Position: Managing Partner & Founder ⁣
    “The experience we gained at a market companion and the ideas we had as founders have brought us successfully into self-employment. I am glad to have taken this step.”⁣

    Next week, we’ll have another profile for you.⁣

  • The genesis of PREWA packaging machinery!⁣⁣

    Today we start with our series “PREWA History”. ⁣⁣
    The first part is about the origin of PREWA Verpackungsmaschinenbau.⁣⁣
    Many years of experience in the form, fill and seal packaging machine industry led the two founders, Eckardt Wagner and Eckehardt Preuß, to establish Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau GmbH on July 1, 1983. The name PREWA was represented by the first surname letters of the founders (PRE Preuß / WA Wagner). ⁣⁣
    The beginnings were in premises in Biebertal/ Rodheim in the Karlstraße 21. Quickly it was clear that these were not sufficient and on 15.5.1987 a new building in the Großen Busecker industrial estate was moved into. Until today and by several extensions / enlargements, the company Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau GmbH expanded. ⁣⁣
    We hope you enjoyed our first part of “PREWA History”!⁣⁣
    Next week Monday we will publish part 2 with the topic “Innovation: Pneumatic Drive Technology”.⁣⁣⁣