• Short video: Machine 350e in stainless steel

    In this short video you can see a machine 350e in stainless steel. With a capacity of 25 bags per minute. Liquid cake icing or chocolate coating are filled here. Product temperature: 80°C.

    Once again all facts summarized:

    • Machine 350e in stainless steel
    • Output: 25 bags/min
    • Weights from 100gr- 5000gr. (Different formats)
    • Dosing: Company DECA Packaging Group N.V.
  • Delivery of a major project of two lines for packaging Infant products in Bag in Box

    As some have probably already seen in our story last week Wednesday, the delivery of a real major project took place. For several months, a large part of our team worked daily to design and manufacture these machines.

    Last week, the time had finally come. After a successful FAT, the machines were loaded onto heavy transporters over a whole day. At this point, we would also like to thank Universal Transport once again.

    We are glad that this “mammoth project” was implemented so well, and we are looking forward to the next projects that are coming up now!

  • Prewa machines stand for resource efficiency!

    Our business partner “SaluVet GmbH” in Bad Waldsee was recently awarded as one of the 100 companies for resource efficiency in Baden-Württemberg. A machine from the company prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau GmbH was able to contribute to this award.

    Initial situation and objective:

    SaluVet GmbH, based in Bad Waldsee in Upper Swabia, produces supplementary feeds in the form of powders, among other things. These are intended to support and maintain the health of animals with effective substances from nature. Previously, 600 g of powder at a time was filled semi-automatically into composite cans made of paper, aluminum, plastic and tinplate.

    The cans were delivered empty by the manufacturer and filled at SaluVet. After the powder had been used up, the cans were sent for thermal recycling. In order to produce more resource-efficiently in the future and also generate less waste, the filling line previously used for filling was to be replaced by a new one. SaluVet saw the replacement investment as an opportunity to switch to a different packaging material. A more resource-efficient design of the packaging not only leads to a reduction in the consumption of raw materials, but also offers the opportunity to realize savings in logistics processes and reduce the amount of packaging waste.


    Packaging has the task of protecting the product from damage and loss of quality, which is why the new packaging was also not allowed to have any negative effects on the product. The selection of the new packaging was complicated by the fact that the product contains essential oils, to which the packaging must be neither reactive nor permeable. Otherwise, the product loses its effectiveness and no longer meets the demands of customers. For this reason, paper packaging material could not be chosen. To meet these requirements, the inner coating of the packaging is crucial.


    The composite can used up to now was to be replaced by a plastic bag which, on the one hand, protects the product and ensures quality and, on the other, is accepted by customers as a packaging material. This changeover should enable resource savings in several areas.

    The move away from a four-material composite in can form was intended to reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduce the volume of waste generated by customers. The volume of transport from the manufacturer of the cans to SaluVet and on to the customer was also to be reduced. In addition, the filling process was to be changed from semi-automatic to automated filling by a bag filling machine, which would make this production step considerably faster.


    The company decided to invest in a bag filling machine, which was designed in cooperation with Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau GmbH from Buseck. Instead of the previously used composite can, which consists of four materials and weighs 76.2 g, the 600 g of powder is now filled into a plastic bag with a paper label, which weighs 9 g. The plastic bag is filled into a plastic bag with a paper label. The plastic bag was designed in cooperation with the company Nietgen Verpackungssysteme from Monheim. The cooperation made it possible to take into account the special requirements for material selection and thickness and to keep the material usage as low as possible. The plastic tubing for the bags is delivered to SaluVet on a roll of 750 linear meters. By automating the process, the time required to fill the product has been significantly reduced. Ursprünglich konnten fünf Dosen pro Minute befüllt werden, die neue Anlage schafft nun 35 Beutel pro Minute. As a result, production time has been reduced fourfold while maintaining the same quality. As a side effect of the modernization, a modern and ergonomic workplace was created for the employees.


    Based on the annual filling of 43.2 t of supplementary feeds in 72,000 composite cans, 3 t of paper, 0.2 t of aluminum, 0.5 t of plastic and 1.7 t of tinplate are saved. For the same output quantity, 0.4 t of plastic and 0.2 t of paper are required annually for the production of the new packaging material. Comparing the two packaging solutions along their life cycle, the new packaging solution results in savings in greenhouse gas emissions of around 13 t CO2e.

    » Download: Detailed brochure

  • How to pack: Spices

    In “how to pack?” we would like to introduce you to various products and show you how they are packed.

    Today we have for you a powdered product and that is: Spices!

    Packaging solution for this is the machine for 3 sides sealing edge bags and screw dosing.

    You can find more applications at:

    How to pack Gewürze
    How to pack Gewürze Maschine
  • Introduction of our managing directors

    On this picture we would like to introduce you the new management from 01.01.2022. These would be from left to right:

    • Holger Münch, working in the company for 5 years. Mr. Münch will continue to look after the sales and customer base. 
    • Martin Wagner, with the company for 10 years. His activities are technical and strategic purchasing as well as commercial support.
    • Thorsten Marscheck, has been with the company for 36 years and has been in management for 15 years. His activity is sales and after sales. 
    • Gerald Dörr, has been with the company for 22 years and in management for 15 years. His activity is technical new development and format construction. 

  • Impulse heating bands and heating band connections

    All the band cross-sections we manufacture can be supplied by the meter and as cut-to-length pieces.

    The cut-to-length pieces can be equipped with coppered, nickeled, silvered or gold-plated ends and terminal ends. When required we can also add a PTFE-coating.

    In addition, we offer various terminal ends that can be fixed on the sealing bands. 

  • How to pack: Chocolate chips and baking accessories

    In “how to pack?” we would like to introduce you to various products and show you how they are packed.

    Our products today are: Chocolate chips and baking accessories!

    Packaging solution for this is the machine with scale and stage.

    You can find more applications under:

    How to pack Schokosplitt
    How to pack Schokosplitt Maschine
  • Announcement by Eckhard Wagner

    Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
    dear customers and business partners,

    it is best to leave when things are at their best. That is why I would like to say goodbye to you today at the end of 2021.

    As founder and managing partner of prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau GmbH I am now entering well-deserved retirement after almost four decades.

    I would like to thank you for the trust you placed in us and for the good cooperation throughout all those years.

    I am happy to announce that Holger Münch and my son Martin Wagner will follow in my footsteps as new managing partners, which will rejuvenate the management team.

    I wish my successors great success, the same team spirit, that I experienced, and a good and fruitful cooperation.

    I wish you a healthy and successful New Year 2022.

    Best Regards

    Eckhard Wagner

  • Review of 2021

    The year 2021, like the previous year, was one that we will remember for a long time. But despite all that, we also look back on a successful 2021!

    We were able to pursue our passion at prewa throughout the year: Manufacturing and designing packaging machines. This year we were able to manufacture and deliver several machines to our customers, which will successfully fulfill their tasks there for the next years.

    Furthermore, there were some other great events this year! One of them is a visit of our longtime partners from Siemens, from the visit there was also a separate article about prewa from the company Siemens (

    A very important event for us was this year’s Fachpack in Nuremberg. There, after a long time, we were allowed to have personal contact with our customers again and to give them the best advice directly on site.

    We want to thank all our customers, partners and of course all employees of prewa for this successful year 2021.

    We are looking forward to the year 2022!

  • Merry Christmas!

    We wish all our customers and business partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • How to pack: Cookies and pastries

    In “how to pack?” we would like to introduce you to various products and show you how they are packed.

    Our today’s product is one which you have probably seen in recent days often and eaten or still will. It’s all about cookies and pastries!

    Packaging solution for this is the machine with counter and stage.

    How to pack Kekse und Gebäck
    How to pack Kekse und Gebäck Maschine
  • Short video: Machine 550e with belt dosing

    In this short video you can see a machine 550e with belt dosing. With a capacity of 10-15 bags per minute. In the video bark mulch up to 50 liters are packed.

    Once again all the facts summarized:

    • Output 10-15 bags/min
    • Bag shaking below
    • Intermittent mode of operation

    You can find more info at:

  • Profile: Artur Kupsch

    In today’s profile Artur Kupsch gives us some information about himself.

    Occupation: Assembly supervisor / PLC programmer.

    “I started in 2000 as an electronics technician and assembler. I was then able to successfully complete my further training as a mechanical engineer, specializing in “automation” in 2008. 

    Due to my further education, Prewa gave me the job as an assembly supervisor and at the same time sent me to Siemens to learn programming.  

    I enjoy this job very much and I am glad that I can implement my ideas independently at Prewa.” 

    We thank Artur for this short introduction!

  • Transport

    Today we have a picture for you of the last delivery of some of our machines!

    Here 3 “CUBIX” hygiene machines ariving prewa. The “CUBIX” hygiene machines are fully assembled at Prewa and then leave the house to our end customer.

  • Happy Advent Season!

    We at prewa packaging machines wish you a wonderful 1st Advent and a great start into the Christmas season!

  • Short video: Machine 450e in stainless steel “electropolished”

    In this short video you can see a machine 450e in stainless steel “electropolished” with a capacity of 10 bags per minute.

    Once again all facts summarized:

    • Machine 450e in stainless steel “Electropolished
    • Output: 10 bags/min
    • Electropolished version for lower surface roughness
    • Intermittent mode of operation
    • Special format for gentle packing of boiled eggs
  • How to pack: Roasted almonds and nuts

    In “how to pack?” we would like to introduce you to various products and show you how they are packed.

    Our product today is: Roasted almonds and nuts. Fitting for the Christmas season!

    Packaging solution for this is the machine with scale and stage.

    How to pack Geröstete Mandeln und Nüsse
    Verpackungsmaschine für geröstete Mandeln und Nüsse
  • Sustainable packaging solutions

    Packaging plays a very important role in our business. Without it, most products would spoil or be damaged before they are offered in a store.

    However, in the discussion about sustainable living, packaging is also always seen as negative when it is thrown away as waste after use. Therefore, our company offers ways to minimize the negative environmental impact of packaging while benefiting from paper-based packaging.

    However, packaging can be further developed by optimizing recycling. More recycled material is thus reused in new packaging and the material thus remains longer in the value chain. This is one approach to reducing packaging waste and avoiding environmental impact.

  • Short video: Continuous machine type 3500KS

    In this short video you can see a continuous machine type 3500KS with composite film, gas flushing, ethanyl alcohol injection for long shelf life. The products are transported to the multihead weigher by means of an ascending belt. The products are packed at a speed of 40 bags per minute. The line concept was designed and implemented by Prewa.

    Once again all facts summarized:

    • Machine: continuous machine type3500KS with composite film, gas flushing, ethanyl alcohol injection for long shelf life.
    • Output: 40 bags/min
    • Counted by multihead weigher
    • Infeed belt to multihead weigher
    • Horizontal infeed belt
    • 2 label dispensers in roll carrier & printer for batch & minimum durability date
    • Line concept projected and implemented by Prewa.
  • Our electrical department

    A big and important part in the mechanical engineering is of course the electrical department.

    Today we want to give you a little insight into this part of prewa:
    In our electrical department we make sure that the latest technology is installed in our machines and that they work perfectly. Of course, quality also plays a big role here!

  • General overhaul

    In today’s post we want to briefly introduce our general overhaul at prewa.

    During the general overhaul the following service is performed:

    • Machine is completely gutted and rebuilt
    • Switch cabinet is revised and a new Siemens control is installed
    • Pneumatics will be checked and defective parts will be replaced
    • Cross jaws and longitudinal jaws will be renewed
    • 12 months warranty
    Generalüberholung⁣ prewa vorher
    Generalüberholung⁣ prewa nachher
  • Short video: Maschine 250e

    In this short video you can see a machine 250e with special transfer of the pretzel rods into the bag machine. The frozen pretzel rods are counted by a sea head scale and packed standing upright in the bag at a speed of 25-30 bags per minute.

    Once again all facts summarized:

    • Machine: 250e with special transfer of the pretzel sticks into the bag machine.
    • Product: frozen pretzel sticks aligned in a standing bag
    • Output: 25-30 bags/min
    • Counted via multihead weigher
    • PE mono material
  • Surface coating of impulse sealing bands

    Impulse sealing band are heated in order to seal films. The sections of the band that are not in direct contact with the film or underlay can not emit heat and are therefore at risk to overheat. To avoid overheating in these critical sections and by that prolong the life span of the sealing band the electrical resistance is decreased by coating these sections.⁣

    The following types of coating are possible:⁣

    – Cheapest and reliable Method⁣
    – Thickness of the coating not controllable⁣

    – Most common method⁣
    – Thickness of coating is controllable⁣
    – Sectional coppering possible (Zebra bands)⁣

    Coppering plus nickeling:⁣
    – Layer of nickel prevents corrosion⁣
    – Used in application with hygienic requirements⁣

  • Profile: Sebastian Adams

    In today’s profile, Sebastian Adams gives us some information about himself.

    “I successfully completed my training as a mechatronics engineer at Prewa and was subsequently offered a permanent position. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to enroll in a Siemens programming course, which was divided into three stages. Having successfully completed the course, I now work as a second programmer in the electrical department. I really enjoy the varied work and feel very comfortable at Prewa.”

    We thank Sebastian for this short introduction!

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