Weighing / dosing / counting systems

Weighing / dosing / counting systems

The weighing, dosing and counting systems from Prewa Verpackungsmaschinenbau are used to measure customer-specific products into the corresponding packaging. Whether the products to be dosed are powdery, pourable, solid, liquid or pasty, they can be weighed, dosed or counted in this way.

Dosing systems

Screw dosing SD2

Powdery or powder products

Volume dosing / Cup dosing

Products like salt, sugar, peas

Belt dosing

Product: Potting soil / bark mulch

Weighing systems

Screw weigher / Loss-in-weight

Powder products

Multihead weighers

For free-flowing products Food & Non-Food

Linear scales

For free flowing products

Netto Bulk Scale

For free flowing products

Counting systems

Tape counter

Bread rolls, baguettes, bars; Use for seeded products

Gutter counter

Products: Rolls, unseeded products

Camera counter

Unusual geometries (e.g. pretzels)