Our horizontal form, fill and seal machine

Horizontale Schlauchbeutelmaschine

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Here are some of the outstanding features of the horizontal form fill and seal machine:

  • Servo-motorised pusher: The products are transferred to a cassette and gently moved into the desired format with the help of a precise servo axis. They are then gently pushed into the bag. This is how we guarantee the protection of your products.
  • Versatile processing: Our machine can process both PE film and paper film. You have the flexibility to choose the material that suits your requirements.
  • Powerful: With an impressive output of 10-12 bags per minute per machine, we ensure efficient packaging processes and increased productivity.
  • Bag length savings: Thanks to our innovative technology, you can save bag lengths, which leads to a reduction in material costs. Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand.

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