Surface coating of impulse sealing bands

Oberflächenbeschichtung Impulsheizbänder

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Impulse sealing band are heated in order to seal films. The sections of the band that are not in direct contact with the film or underlay can not emit heat and are therefore at risk to overheat. To avoid overheating in these critical sections and by that prolong the life span of the sealing band the electrical resistance is decreased by coating these sections.⁣

The following types of coating are possible:⁣

– Cheapest and reliable Method⁣
– Thickness of the coating not controllable⁣

– Most common method⁣
– Thickness of coating is controllable⁣
– Sectional coppering possible (Zebra bands)⁣

Coppering plus nickeling:⁣
– Layer of nickel prevents corrosion⁣
– Used in application with hygienic requirements⁣

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