The versatility of our multi-chamber bag machine (1/2)

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In this first part of our two-part video series, we present an extraordinary three-lane machine from prewa. This innovative machine is able to weld two different packaging materials (fleece and PE film) together to offer customised packaging solutions.

Versatile packaging options: Whether you need single bags with a four-side sealed edge, chain bags or even a whole unit of 9 bags (3×3 bags), this machine makes it possible. It offers flexibility for a wide range of product types and market requirements.

Special auger dosing: Perfected for filling powders, our special auger dosing ensures precise and efficient handling of your products without compromising on quality.

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Refurbished machines now available at prewa!

Looking for reliable packaging technology?We have great news: 3 refurbished machines in hygienic design are currently available in our warehouse and ready for immediate use!