Today is the day of chocolate!

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For this delicious occasion, we would like to proudly present you a video showing how our prewa machine packs chocolate drops.

Our vertical form fill and seal machine with walk-on stage, multihead weigher Multiweigh, ascending conveyor and bag discharge conveyor enables efficient and precise packaging of chocolate drops.

Here are some highlights of this machine:

Vertical form fill and seal machine
Walk-on platform for easy maintenance and cleaning
Multiweigh multihead weigher for accurate dosing
Infeed conveyor and bag discharge conveyor for smooth production processes
Simultaneous carton belt for packing into cartons
The machine can pack chocolate drops in a weight range from 250 g to 8 kg. With an output of up to 45 bags per minute at 250 g, we can ensure efficient production.

The outfeed conveyor, which also functions as a carton infeed conveyor, is particularly impressive. Here, the carton is transported into the machine and filled with chocolate drops (up to 8 kg). As soon as the carton is filled, it automatically moves upwards and can be removed manually.

Let’s celebrate Chocolate Day together and share the joy of enjoying chocolate drops with prewa packaging solutions. We are proud to contribute to the perfect packaging of this sweet treat!

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