Versatile packaging solutions at prewa – not just for food!

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Today we take a look at our meeting room, where we present a wide range of products that are packaged by our prewa machines. From essential food products to a variety of non-food items, our technologies provide safe and efficient packaging solutions for a wide range of products.

Here are some highlights:

  • Food: Freshly packaged snacks, frozen food and pasta.
  • Gardening supplies: Professionally packaged potting soil, bark mulch and fertilisers.
  • Pet supplies: Hygienically packaged pet food and bird food.
  • Household products: Cleanly sealed detergent tabs and cleaning products.
  • Fuels: Safely packaged wood pellets for heating systems.
  • Small parts and toys: Precisely packaged plastic parts, fittings and toys.

Whether you need a solution for food, industrial products or everyday objects, prewa offers you the right packaging technology.

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Refurbished machines now available at prewa!

Looking for reliable packaging technology?We have great news: 3 refurbished machines in hygienic design are currently available in our warehouse and ready for immediate use!