Insight into our production process: Innovation meets efficiency!

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At prewa, we produce empty bags from a flat PE film web using the innovative gantry robotics from igus GmbH. This innovative process allows us to automatically and precisely deposit the bags into a plastic crate, giving us an impressive output of 20 bags per minute.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is evident in the choice of materials and technologies we use. The use of PE film and semi-tubing in conjunction with gantry robotics allows us to produce high quality bags while operating efficiently.

Summarised are the facts about our production process:

  • Material: PE film
  • Processing: half tube
  • Innovation: portal robotics from igus GmbH
  • Area of application: automotive
  • Industry: special machine construction
  • Output: 20 bags per minute

We are proud of our advanced technologies and our dedicated staff who work every day to deliver first-class packaging solutions. It is our pleasure to support our customers with innovative and reliable machines. 🤝🌟

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