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Our long-standing partner Seval A/S has also written a small commentary on the celebration of 40 years of Prewa, which we do not want to withhold from you.

“Since 1996, we have sold and serviced packaging systems manufactured by Prewa GmbH. The many years of cooperation have provided us great professional relations with all employees at Prewa, from Sales, Construction, Electricity, and Software to the always helpful Office Employees.

In 2000, we founded the Danish company Seval A/S, and luckily Eckhard Wagner recommended Seval to take care of Prewa’s interests in Scandinavia. We did it. And in the following years, many bag-packing-machines were sold and the close collaboration was continuously a pleasure. We believe that part of Prewa’s success, in addition to flexibility and thoroughness, is due to the fact that customers have always been at the center. It has been and still is crucial to the Prewa team to deliver on time, and to deliver a machine that works perfectly from day one. It is also clear that many Prewa customers come back when their production needs to be expanded with more machines. If you have a Prewa bag-packing-machine, you call Prewa again.

Prewa has evolved over time to now being a highly international company present on many different media; a necessity in 2023. This development one can in particular attribute to the young management team.

We wish everyone at Prewa a big congratulations on the 40+ years.”

Thank you very much for the kind words!

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