New technology in use: Prewa presents the 350e at the renowned fertilizer company!

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In our latest video you can see the 350e machine, placed in a renowned fertilizer company. This advanced machine with servo technology efficiently packs 2 kg of blue fertilizer into PE bags – at an output of 20 bags per minute!

The output has been deliberately reduced to allow manual repackaging, which underlines the flexibility of our system.

  • Machine: Type 350e
  • Packaging material: PE bag
  • Product: Fertilizer
  • Technology: 3-head weigher

Special thanks to our long-standing business partner Böske, whose weighing technology is used in this machine and delivers precise results.

Watch the video and see how prewa technology helps to increase efficiency and precision in fertilizer production. We are proud to be part of this important industry and guarantee quality every step of the way.

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